Unit 2 - Work Ethics

Ethics is an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behaviour. Being respectful to your elders is considered to be ethical behaviour. Something that is considered harmless in one society may be considered extremely controversial in other environment, such as wearing make-up.

Definition of Professional Behaviour/Professionalism

In the workplace, ethics refers to actions that conform to acceptable standards of professional behaviour.

Professionalism is a way of conducting oneself in a manner that is conducive to good interpersonal relationships .

Such attributes includes:

1. Respect for others

2. Courtesy

Importance of Acting Professionally

It is important to remain professional in a business environment at all times, whether you work for a company or have your own business. Acting professionally demonstrates integrity, poise and good character.

People who act professionally are unfailingly polite, courteous, respectful, honest and well-spoken. If a co-worker or customer upsets you, simply deal with the situation rationally and calmly.

Many people confuse professionalism with passiveness. However, it is far more important to remain committed to your work and behave ethically in all endeavours. Remember that it is possible to remain passionate about what you do and still be willing to stand up for yourself and your ideals.