$1200 Certificate Courses. Any 2 for $2000. Any 3 for $2500

Offer ends March 2nd, 2024. ! Courses can be done using a computer, tablet or phone. You would be awarded a Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion. FULLY ONLINE!

Duration: 5 weeks each. Can be completed using a phone, tablet or pc.

ONLINE Only!!!


  1. Administrative Assistant

  2. Accounting, Payroll & Taxation

  3. Marketing Management

  4. Project Management

  5. Human Resource Management

  6. Operations Management

All courses feature local content. FULLY ONLINE. Flexible schedule.

We are located on John Peter Road West, Charlieville, Chaguanas. You can pay via bank deposit, online bank transfer or MoneyGram/Western Union. For payment information, see below

Call us at 301-6057 or send a message to our inbox or actira.tt@gmail.com for further information.


What is the course schedule?

There is no specific time to be online for the classes as the course is self paced, but includes one-on-one Zoom classes.All the materials (tutorials, videos) have already been uploaded onto the site. You just need to log in, access your weekly assignments and complete them before Sunday midnight. You would have 24/7 access to the courses, so you can choose when it is convenient to work on them. Tutor feedback and grades will be sent weekly, either Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

What is the payment info?

Please note that for an online bank transfer, you would need to add the institution's name as a new payee.

Name on the Account: Professional Career Services and Recruitment Agency Limited

Note: You might need to copy and paste the name of the business because you might not be able to type in all the text. Do not worry if you copy and paste and the whole name doesn't show up. That's ok. You will should still get through without any issues.

Type: Business Chequing Account

Account Number: 2167035

Bank: First Citizens Bank Account (you can deposit the payment at any branch, over the counter or via fast/quick deposit).

Send a pic/screenshot of the receipt to actira.tt@gmail.com

Once payment has been confirmed, you would be send an online registration form, followed by your log in credentials.

If you have any questions or difficulties, kindly send us a message or call us @ 301-6057.