Unit 3 IF function - Part 1

Using the OR/AND functions:

The AND function returns TRUE if all the conditions you specify are TRUE, and FALSE otherwise.

The OR function returns TRUE if any of the conditions you specify are TRUE, and FALSE otherwise.


AND: Think of it as needing all the conditions to be met. It's like saying, "I need this and that and that to happen for it to be true."

Example: "I'll go to the beach if it's sunny AND warm AND I have free time."

OR: Here, you just need at least one condition to be true. It's like saying, "If any of these things happen, it's good enough."Example: "I'll go to the beach if it's sunny OR warm OR I have free time."

So, "AND" requires all conditions to be true, while "OR" just needs one condition to be true.

Let's consider a simple scenario involving the use of the AND function:

Imagine you have a list of students' grades in two subjects, Math and English, and you want to identify students who scored above 70 in both subjects.

Column A contains student names.

Column B contains Math grades.

Column C contains English grades.

ANSWER: In cell D2 (assuming the headers are in row 1), enter the formula:

=AND(B2>70, C2>70)

This formula checks if the Math grade in cell B2 is greater than 70 AND if the English grade in cell C2 is greater than 70. If both conditions are true, the AND function returns TRUE; otherwise, it returns FALSE.

Using the "OR" Function

Scenario: You're shopping for a new shirt, and you have specific preferences for color and size. You've identified two options:Color Preference: You prefer the shirt to be either blue or red.

Size Preference: You prefer the shirt to be either medium or large.

You would use the OR function in Excel to check if either cell A2 (Shirt Color) contains "Blue" or "Red" or cell B2 (Shirt Size) contains "Medium" or "Large". If either condition is true, you'd consider purchasing the shirt.

In cell C2, enter the formula:

=OR(OR(A2="Blue", A2="Red"), OR(B2="Medium", B2="Large"))


MIN and MAX functions with arrays in Microsoft Excel allows you to find the smallest an largest values respectively within a range of cells. A


You are responsible for managing employee schedules for training sessions. You need to schedule a training session for a specific date and you want to ensure that at least one employee from either the HR department or the Finance department is available to attend the session.

Here is the data you have presented to you:

Column A contains "Employee Name".

Column B contains "Department".

Column C contains "Availability" for the training session (either "Available" or "Not Available").