Unit 8 - HLOOKUP

Lookup functions for efficient data retrieval - HLOOKUP

Lookup functions are tools used in Excel to search for specific data within a table or range of cells and retrieve related information based on certain criteria. They are particularly useful when you have large sets of data and need to quickly find and extract specific values or perform data comparisons.

In this tutorial, we look at: HLOOKUP

HLOOKUP is an Excel tool that helps you find specific info in a table. You tell it what you're looking for (like a product name) and where to look (the row with names). Then, it scans across until it finds what you want and gives you related info from another row, like the product's price. It's useful for quickly finding data in a table without searching manually.

EXAMPLE of how to use HLOOKUP

You are tasked with managing inventory for office supplies. You have a table that lists the quantity of various office supplies in stock, with each item listed in the first row and different departments listed in the first column. You need to find out how many pens are available for the Marketing department.

You can use HLOOKUP to quickly find the quantity of pens available for the Marketing department without manually searching through the inventory table.

Excel Formula:

=HLOOKUP("Pens", A1:E6, MATCH("Marketing", A1:A6, 0), FALSE)

"Pens": The value she's looking for.

A1:E6: The range of the entire table.

MATCH("Marketing", A1:A6, 0): This finds the row number for "Marketing" in the first column.

FALSE: This ensures that HLOOKUP looks for an exact match.

st values respectively within a range of cells. A


  1. Create a spreadsheet to display this data and display you answer in any random cell. You might need to adjust the range of the entire table depending on your spreadsheet.

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