Unit 7 - Bookkeeping Documents

Sales invoice - This is the bill issued by a seller to a buyer after a sales transaction

Purchase invoice- This is a list of goods or services provided by a supplier. It indicates the quantity and price of each product supplied

Cash receipts - A record of cash payment allocated from the sale of a product

Cash payments- Money (dollars and cents) paid upfront in exchange for goods and services.

Petty cash vouchers/receipts- A record showing the payment from the petty cash fund.

Goods receipt note- A document produced when goods are received in a factory or warehouse

Goods dispatched note- A note from a seller indicating that goods ordered have been sent.

Credit notes- A letter sent to a buyer indicating a certain credit amount on the buyer's account.

Debit notes- is a letter providing debtors with information about outstanding debts

Bank statements- A summary of financial transactions from a company’s savings/deposit and checking account.

Remittance advice slips- a letter sent to a supplier to inform the supplier that an invoice has been paid

Deposit slip- a form used to deposit funds into an account

Till rolls - Paper rolls used in point-of-sale machines and cash registers