Unit 6. Memos

Memos are a form of business writing that is sent within a company to inform employees of meetings, policy changes, etc.

A memo can be sent to:

1. All Staff members

2. A Department

3. An Individual or individuals

4. A combination of 2 & 3 above

To: All Staff

Or All Staff Members

Or: The Engineering Department


When sending memos, you need to classify the individuals according to job position.


To: John Smith – Engineer

If the memo is to more than one engineer:

To: John Smith, Tommy Riley – Engineers

If the memo is to different types of employees, you put each position on a new line. Example:

To: Jane Smith – Engineer

Polly Prince, Dean Jones – Sales Representatives

Note: You would need to use the “tab” key in order to keep the names perfectly indented.


Ideally, there should be a person sending a memo, not a department. This way one would know to whom they could direct any queries. Also, this would be the person signing the memo.


FROM: The Human Resource Department


FROM: Jackson Fraser – Human Resource Manager


The date should be written as:

July 9th, 2016


9th July, 2016


To: All Sales Representatives

From: Tim O’Reilly - Store Manager

Date: April 10th, 2016

Subject: Mandatory Training Seminar


Please be informed that following an instruction from the Board of Directors, all sales representatives are required to attend one training session to be held between April 13th and April 17th 2016. Arrangements will be made to accommodate your absence.

Your shift supervisor will inform you of the date and time of your specific session. The sessions are to take place at the Queen’s Hall Auditorium between 7am and 4pm.

Direct any questions to any of the store managers.



cc: John Smith - Chief Executive Officer


1. Keep subject short, but not too general. Be as specific as possible. Try to avoid using verbs. Nouns are preferable.

2. Use initials instead of a signature. This is not mandatory.

3. Use single spacing and no indentation. Indentation refers to the space from the margin.

4. Be formal when addressing the recipients, if necessary. Use Mr, Ms, Mrs or any other appropriate title. Plurals:

Mr = Messrs

Mrs = Mesdames

Miss = Misses

Ms = Mses or Mss

5. cc refers to courtesy copy (formerly carbon copy), which is given to persons who would need to be informed. It is sometimes placed between "To" and "From".

6. Sometimes you might see "fys" - For Your Signature. In this case, the recipient of the memo would have to sign to confirm receiving it.