Green Fund and Business Levy

Green Fund

The Green Fund in Trinidad and Tobago is like a special savings account for the environment. This fund is used to pay for projects that help nature and make the country more sustainable. These projects can include things like saving forests, using cleaner energy, and making sure we have clean water. The government looks after the money and makes sure it's used prudently. The Green Fund helps the environment and makes life better for people too, by creating jobs and improving our surroundings.

Business Levy

The Business Levy is an important part of Trinidad and Tobago's tax system. It's a type of tax that businesses in the country have to pay, and it's calculated based on the money they make as profits.The amount of Business Levy you have to pay can change. It depends on things like how big your business is and what kind of business it is. Bigger businesses might pay more than smaller ones, and different types of businesses might have their own special rates.

How to calculate the Green Fund and Business Levy

This is done by using a formula. It is calculated every quarter, which is for three months of sales. Please see the example below. Here we have the figures for the first quarter of the year, from January - March.