Unit 8 Customer Service Initiative

Initiative is the difference between adequate customer service and customer service that wins you a customer for life.

Everyday examples of exceptional customer service:

  • Taxi driver who opens the door for you or waits at night for you to safely get into your destination.

  • Computer technician who does computer work and then calls back a week later to make sure your IT is functioning well

  • Car salesperson what calls a month after you buy a car to make sure it is running well

  • The petrol station attendant who washes your window or checks your oil.

  • The electric company who calls and checks to make sure your service is working well and apologizes for any “brown outs” or “black outs.”

None of the customer service people HAD to make this extra effort or go to this trouble. These “goodwill initiatives” are beyond the call of duty and make the customer beyond satisfied. They make the customer remember the transaction or occasion.

Customer Service traits to copy

  • Follow the traits for successful customer service:

  • Be on time, open on time, deliver on time

  • Follow through and deliver your promises

  • Go the extra mile for customers

  • Offer you customer options

  • Express empathy to upset customers

  • Treat customers as the MOST important part of your job

  • Treat co-workers as if they are customers

  • Give customers your name and contact details