Unit 6 - Preparing to File

Preparing to file

When an company begins to set-up its filing system, there are many different things that will need to be done, some of which involve preparing the documents prior to placing the paperwork where it needs to go. Preparing documents properly is an essential part of getting things together so that the transition is easy and simple. Here are a few simple tasks to complete:

#1 - Secure the Proper Files

Preparing any type of filing system normally begins with securing the right folders. Since the size of the folders can vary for each system that is created, the individual will need to make sure that they have the right sizes before getting started. For instance, some people may need the extra long filing folders to store their information. Which means, they may need the legal file folders instead of the letter size or vice versa. Whatever the situation, this is a distinction that will need to be made prior to making a purchase.

Also, because some people want to create a system that is color coded, they will need to take this in consideration as well. Therefore, when they go into a retail store to make their purchases, they may want to buy red, yellow, green or blue in large quantities.

#2 - Preparing the Documents for the File

Prepping the information in advance will make it easier to file. So, it is important for people to take their time in doing this process. In specific, each individual will need to remove any unnecessary paper clips, staples and the like from the correspondence before it is placed in each folder.

#3- Place Labels on the Folders

Another step in this process is placing the appropriate labels on each folder. These labels will help to guide where each piece of correspondence will be placed. For instance, if the person is making a filing system for their business bills, the label that they make may simply indicate the name 'utilities."


Label the file folder: Human Resources 101

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