Payroll Unit 1 - TimeSheets

Preparing Timesheets

Workers can either be daily paid or monthly paid. Monthly paid workers receive their salary at the end of the month. Daily paid workers can receive their salary on a daily basis, weekly or fortnightly

Timesheets are a convenient way of keeping track of workers' salaries.

Presently, the minimum hourly rate is $20.50. Generally, a full day's work is 8 hours. Overtime is applied to any time in excess of that.

Double Time: This is payment for a holiday or any days outside of the worker's regular shift, such as Saturday or Sunday if the worker generally works from Monday to Friday.

Overtime is calculated in increments.

During the first 4 hours of overtime, the worker is paid time and a half or 1.5 times the regular rate ($20.50 x 1.5) for any hours worked.

During the next 4 hours after that, the worker is paid double time or 2 times the regular rate ($20.50 x 2) for any hours worked.

For any time after that, the worker is paid triple time.


Janet James is a clerk and receives minimum wage. Let's consider a regular shift of 8am to 4pm from Monday - Friday.

Daily paid wage = 8 hrs x 20.5 = $164

If Janet works regular hours for one week, then her GROSS pay is $164x 5 = $820 (for the week)

However, on Tuesday Janet is required to work from 8am to 6pm, which means that she would work 2 hours overtime. First we calculate her regular pay for that day

Regular salary = $164

Overtime = 2 hours x 1.5 x $20.50 = $61.50

Total Salary for that day: $164 + $61.50 = $225.50

For the following example: 1) Wednesday is a holiday and 2) Jane is also required to work on Saturday, her off day.

If Janet works on a holiday or a day outside of her regular shift, her salary for that day is calculated = 8hrs x 2 x $20.50 = $328

On Thursday, Janet is required to work from 8am to 10pm. How is her salary for that day calculated?

Step 1: Calculate how many hours she worked.

Answer = 14 hours.

Step 2: For the first 8 hours, she would be paid the regular rate of $20.50

8hrs x $17.50 = $164.00

Step 3: For the 1st 4 hours over her regular hours (or any part thereof), she would be paid time and a half

4hrs x 1.5 x $20.50 = $123.00

Step 4: For the 4 hours after that (or any part thereof), she would be paid double time. In this case, she would just be paid 2 hours@ double time.

(14hrs - 8hrs - 4hrs = 2hrs)

2hrs x 2 x 20.50 = $82

Her total salary for that shift (including overtime) = $164 + $123.00 + $82 = $369.00

Janet's Timesheet for the week should look like this:


Lunch time: Workers are allowed at least 30 minutes lunch time. The company is not obligated to pay for this. Therefore, some companies may require a worker to work 30 minutes extra, without pay. This is legal.

Overtime: In certain industries, such as tourism and hospitality, Saturday and Sunday are considered a regular work day. Therefore, workers do not receive any double time. Also, for other industries, such as security firms, overtime is calculated after 40 hours have been completed for the week.

A worker is paid triple time when doing overtime on either a holiday or an off day.

Please note the laws change frequently.

Timesheets Assignment

You are the Payroll Clerk at Johnson Enterprises, which is an insurance firm. The regular shift of employees are Monday – Friday, from 8am to 4pm.

You are required to prepare the Timesheet for the following workers, for the week ended January 10th, 2021:

John Raymond, Bill Riley, Thomas Kempt and Tricia Harris.

Please note that: John Raymond and Tricia Harris are paid $25 per hour, while Thomas Kempt and Bill Riley are paid $27.50 an hour.


Monday – All workers came to work and worked regular hours.

Tuesday –John did not come to work. Tricia worked till 8pm.

Wednesday – Bill worked till 5pm.

Thursday - All workers came to work and worked regular hours.

Friday – Thomas worked till 11pm.

Saturday – Tricia and John worked half day.

Sunday – No one was required to work

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