Supervisory Management Unit 8


Time Management

Time management is among the most vital aspects that will determine the success of an organization. Teams and supervisors in an organization are expected to greatly observe the time management. Time is a tool that will determine if a given project would be completed as expected. Everything that goes on in the organization is carried out on the basis of the time. With time management, it involves the setting of goals, and organizing how they would be achieved. Unless the supervisor and teams have the right time management skills, there would be a lot of time wasted.

It requires one to be disciplined in managing their time, in order to be able to accomplish the set goals. Basically, time management is important, both to the teams and the supervisors in an organization. Time management in an organization is important for the following reasons:

• It Enhances Prioritization
With the right time management in an organization, the supervisors will be able to prioritize the activities and projects, for the sake of the business’ success. The management of time will help the supervisors and teams to rank the activities and project in order of their relevance. This can be observed daily, for the sake of ensuring that the project is progressing.

• Goals Setting
When you are considering time management, you should set long term and short term goals and then set deadlines. These could be adjusted as necessary.

• Increased Productivity
Time management also greatly contributes towards increased productivity. The supervisors and the teams would put more focus on the projects, along with their timelines. As a result, there would be a more efficient way of completing tasks.

• Increased Performance
The performance of the teams would also be increased majorly when there is a deep observance of time. Since the productivity would be increased, the performance would also be increased. With proper time management, one will be able to get on another project, even ahead of time.

• Eliminates Procrastination
Delay is a major enemy of time management. There could be a number of employees in the organization, who are fond of postponing their tasks. With an effective time management plan, every person would know their role, and the time limit. With the observation of the time, the employees would make sure that they have completed their roles within the time frame. If there is no specific time frame defined for a certain role, the teams would ignore them, and postpone them. Basically, the time management helps in reminding the employees that their work should be completed by a certain time or date.

• Helps To Nurture The Employees
If a particular task is set to be carried out by a certain employee within a given period of time, it would help to develop them. If a given project is successfully completed by one employee, on the basis of the time management, the supervisor could apply it to another employee. This would help employees learn how to complete their tasks within a shorter period of time.

• Helps To Monitor The Employees
There are software that are used by supervisors to manage the organizational operations. These software can track down the activities of employees, in relation to their time management. It could monitor employees' arrivals in the morning, lunch breaks, day break, or even offs and monthly leaves. With the right time management software, you would be able to know the behavior of your employees.

• Gets Rid Of Bad Behaviors
Since the time management software help supervisors to track down the habits of the employees, this would discourage them from being lazy and missing work. Also, the supervisor can implement sanctions in cases where an employee does not complete assigned task on time. This would generally discourage the employees from developing bad habits. Even though it might take some time to completely eradicate the bad habit, it would eventually be possible.

• It Motivates The Team
Another importance of time management is that it helps to motivate the team. For instance, the supervisor can give the team incentives for finishing their work ahead of time. There could be special gifts that could be designed for the successful completion of a task. Also, the team would be motivated to work harder, in order to complete more tasks ahead of time.

• Allows Time For Resting
Laziness is an enemy to the progress of an organization, but also, too much work can be very dangerous to the employees. That is why they should be encouraged to have enough rest, for the sake of refreshing the mind. If time management is carried out successfully, it would help a person to complete their job in time, and have enough time to rest. An effective time management gives the team more time to rest.

Generally, time management helps the team and the supervisors to be sure of a successful project. Mostly, it is all about achieving the set objectives within the time frame. This is mostly what will determine the success of a project. The results would come later, but what matters most is being able to complete tasks on time.